My Skincare Routine

Hey hey! Well it took me long enough, didn’t it? I’m going to deal with this awkward situation how I deal with all awkward situations and change the subject real quick and say okay let’s cut to the chase and start this very delayed post off!

I’ll start off with cleansers. I’ve been using these the most recently, and love them oh so dearly!

First we have the Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser, which is PERF for oily skin that’s susceptible to acne with ingredients like Witch Hazel extract, a well known astringent, Cinnamon Bark extract, Ginger Root extract and 1.5% active Salicylic Acid, a renown anti-acne warrior. It does dry you out a bit though.

Watch out sebum, I’m comin’ for ya!

Very new to my routine, Cyber Colors’ Purifying Cleansing Oil in Grapefruit. My sister got this from Sasa, a sort of Asian Sephora, filled to the brim with brands from Korea, Taiwan, Japan etc. Self-control is mandatory, VERY mandatory, for they have My Beauty Diary masks there. (eeeeeeeeep!) So I decanted this in a little upcycled sample bottle, and loving it so far!

It's the one in the middle! Isn't the packaging so kawaii?! photo from
It’s the one in the middle! Isn’t the packaging so kawaii?!
photo from

This brand has collaborated with (apparently) internet’s most fashionable bunny. I don’t know much about said bunny but I AM ALL FOR IT WERK IT BUNTY (get it? Hunty and bunny hehehe)

Next up, we have the Etude House Every Month foam cleanser in Lemon & Garlic. Love this cleanser! Doesn’t dry me out but effectively cleanses and gets rid of sebum. I tend to use this during my nighttime skin routine. What I love most about it is how cheap it was, especially when you consider the buy 1 free 1 sale they had going on! Fair warning, don’t expect miraculous effects from this cleanser, sure it might have a little sprinkle of lemon, garlic and some other extracts, but probably not enough to brighten your complexion.

Etude House is packaging goals.
Etude House is packaging goals.

Now that you’ve chatted over some Earl Grey and are now well acquainted with my favorite cleansers (till date), let’s move on to the next step!

Let me tell you about this one time I dared to use an abrasive exfoliator on my acne ridden skin, you know what, I’ll spare you the details and sum it up in one word: breakout. I used a super gentle one too! The Body Shop’s Aloe Gentle Exfoliator, but that didn’t stop my acne from spreading like wildfire, and burning like one too. After that traumatizing event, I had steered clear of exfoliators, because I only knew exfoliators to be scrubs, and then, I found this!

Holy light doth shine upon my savior.
Holy light doth shine upon my savior.

Behold! Cure Natural Aqua Gel! The first peeling gel I’d heard of, from a video by the Australian vlogger called Wengie who’s a huge fan of this product. There’s a good chance you might’ve heard of Cure as it is indeed quite popular and their fame is well deserved! If you haven’t, that’s okay, I’m not society, you don’t have to struggle for my acceptance. This is also known as a gommage exfoliator. You put 1-2 pumps of this on your face, wait for like 30 seconds and start rubbing the product in circular motions, you’ll start to feel little beads of dead skin accumulating as you rub, carry the process out on your entire face and wash off once you’re done. You’ll end up with bright, soft, radiant skin you can’t stop touching! Exfoliation sans irritation, hip hip hurray! (Also super cool bit about this product is that most ingredients are natural, and it’s coloring, preservative and fragrance free, yay!)

I don’t forget to exfoliate my lips too!

That is 100% a lie, I MOSTLY don’t forget to exfoliate my lips, or sometimes I just don’t feel like it, don’t really know why… But when I do, I use this! Lush’s Popcorn lip scrub. A product so organic, it’s literally edible. No like really you can eat it, the lady at the Lush store was telling me a funny story about how her brother actually went through like half a jar of one of those. I hope she beat the crap outta him later, for humanity’s sake. JK! I hope she asked him to give her the money to buy another lip scrub and backed that request up with a threat of possible violence.


I go HAMMMM on my nose (JK gentle circular motions always!) and the family of blackheads that live there with the Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel.

I’m very sad to say that this product isn’t working for me, because it hasn’t succeeded in kicking out said family of blackheads. Maybe it works on people with a very few? I don’t know, I’m going to keep at it for a while an
d then review it for you guys! Here’s hoping there’s a ‘you guys’ soon and not just me who reads my own blog posts…

My toner for the time being is the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner. Super convenient pump bottle which may or may not have been one of the prime reasons I bought this, but the toner doesn’t disappoint!

That is indeed the spelling they chose. #rebel
That is indeed the spelling they chose. #rebels

Also, this toner is great for adjusting your skin’s pH value to a more acidic state, where it belongs. I’ll hopefully be getting pH strips soon so I’ll test it out and give you all accurate information, I will also hopefully feel substantially cooler.

I also use the Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Astringent Lotion when my skin’s being super oily, this has a bad rep for drying people out, but it says right there on the packaging to use it on oily areas. So swipe some of that blue elixir of life on your T-zone and send sebum crawling back to where it belongs, which is the shadows in which it will lurk until it is time for it to return in ABUNDANCE.

I've used the samples like twice but haven't bought the full size yet... #shhh
I’ve used the samples like twice but haven’t bought the full size yet… #shhh

Sebum is good, it’s great in proper amounts, it forms the acid mantle (moisture barrier) on your skin that protects it from evil things like baggy jeans and crocs Too much sebum and you can take mirror selfies on my forehead.

I put three drops of the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution once I’m done with the toner. This has amazing ingredients like Peony, Activated Vitamin C and White Birch.

I'm actually kind of proud of this picture...
I’m actually kind of proud of this picture…

The serum is comparatively light textured, but there may be some slight tackiness afterwards, goes away in a jif though!

During the daytime, when I need a little oomph — which is ALWAYS, I use my Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence. This is great for a bit of hydration, not a whole lot, but a nice amount. Gives my face a glow that lasts!

I had to take around 99999 shots to capture the text, ugh...
I had to take around 99999 shots to capture the text, ugh…

It doesn’t lighten any spots or hyper pigmentation though, just brightens your complexion. It’s kind of sad how this product isn’t as popular as Laneige’s other items. You have to shake it a little bit and then you press the button (?) on the can and it shoots out the essence with a very fun popping sound, hence the name pop essence. It’s all really bubbly and carbonated-y and then you just rub it between your palms and slap that good stuff on your face which leaves a very refreshing, cooling sensation, which is perfect for the mornings!

I take a tiny bit of the Mizon All in One Repair Snail Cream, which isn’t really a cream and is more like a thick essence/serum. I originally thought of it as a cream I put on top of all the essences and serums to lock them all in place so that they don’t sneak out at night to go meet their drug dealers, but I was mistaken, and was beginning to realize it too. I wasn’t really feeling any magic happening and fireworks exploding even after like 3 weeks of using this. So I thought, for 5 days, let me try out just using a foam cleanser, a toner, this ‘cream’ and sunscreen, so I could review this product.

The magic had happened. The fireworks had exploded. Cosrx came out with a low pH cleanser.

That last part isn’t true… yet!

More to come on this magic on my review post for the ‘cream’ soon!

Slay, Mizon, slayyyyyyy
Slay, Mizon, slayyyyyyy

Anyway, while doing my 5 day snail cream challenge if you will, I had come across a post, on Cat’s blog, which by the way is a GODSEND. Amazing work, Cat, I hope that you, Her Majesty, the Snail Queen (aka Fiddy Snails), Deborah and I can sheet mask together one day. One day…

Back to the point! About the post, I won’t tell you which one, this is purely because you NEED to go through her glorious blog and give it some o dem hitz, because that’s what K-beauty bloggers do. We got each others’ backs, we hook em up with them hitz. #kbeautybloggersunite

Okay back to the point part 2! She talked about categories of skincare products and how this product, while being named a cream, doesn’t really function as one. which made all the skincare related dots connect, okay maybe not all of them, I still don’t know why this ampoule is seruming.

So now! Occlusives, I have two.

Firstly I have the Etude House Aloe Moistfull 92% Aloe Vera gel, the remaining half of which I purposefully and accidentally mixed with tea tree oil, which is a story for another day.


This is great for some light hydration, and it tends to sort of form a film, in a good way, on your skin. When used with the snail cream, it’s enough moisture for my oily skin, but on its own, I’ll need something else.

Secondly, we have the Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Moisturizer, which is amazing amazing amazing! Supplies moisture to the skin without making it oily, rather, it mattifies your skin! Which is amazing! It contains the star ingredients of the Blue Herbal line that the gel cleanser contains too. I’ll usually switch between these two occlusives according to what my skin needs on that day.


I’m currently using the Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense as my sunscreen, SPF 50 PA++++


It’s light, not really ultra light. It does very sadly have a white cast, but it’s a little quicker to fade than other sunscreens and the white cast isn’t as, um, strong? You get the gist. White cast, nonetheless. Doesn’t make your skin oily though! So yay!

I currently use two face mists, both of which I LOVE.

I spritz some of the Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Mist on my face before going out for a bit of hydration and a little oomph. Oomph is nice, IRRATIONALLY LONG NAMES AREN’T.


I also use this sample sized version of the Etude House Dust Cut mist which is also amazing. Can’t wait to get the full size!


Now that we’re done with the stuff I use on the regs, let’s move on to the twice/thrice a week stuff.

I use the Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask around twice to thrice a week. It is a tiny bit drying but that’s sort of what a clay mask does so that’s okay. The mousse formulation is a lot easier to apply since it’s super smooth and you don’t have to worry about the product drying out.

This was also hard to capture, so hard I took a minute to meditate.
This was also hard to capture, so hard I took a minute to meditate.

Often times, I follow up with a sheet mask. Did I mention I LOVE sheet masks? If not, I LOVE SHEET MASKS! Sure they won’t lighten dark spots or make your wrinkles disappear or annihilate acne, but they do hydrate you! Hydrated skin is nicer skin. They’re great for before an event, or just for any day. You can use them 7 days a week, thrice, or even just once! That’s fully on you and what you think your skin needs.

Snails and pearls and fruits and veggies and chemicals and sheer amazingness
Snails and pearls and fruits and veggies and chemicals and sheer amazingness

Also eye masks or patches are super great for when you want to unzombie your face.

I also use The Laneige Water Sleeping Mask which is the best sleeping mask everrrrrrrr. Okay it’s the only sleeping mask I’ve ever tried except for the Etude House Blending Sleeping Cream, but it smells nice, makes your skin super soft and doesn’t break you out! What more do you want from a sleeping mask except for it to grant you 3 wishes? Nothing!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this packaging, it's way better than the previous style.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this packaging, it’s way better than the previous style.

This tea tree oil from The Body Shop comes in handy when you have a zit to kill. This might sometimes feel too harsh, so I add a drop or two to some aloe vera gel and smear it on a cotton pad, and then put it on the area with some acne action going on over there.

It's green because it belongs in the army, the anti acne army.
It’s green because it belongs in the army, the anti acne army.

The Face Shop’s Clean Face Clear Away Spot is also really great at killing pimples. It’s a pink powder spot treatment, much like the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.

Yes, I used an iPhone photo. #unapologetic
Yes, I used an iPhone photo. #unapologetic\

The Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot Patches are great to have in your repertoire. You never have enough measures to battle acne. NEVER.


Well, that’s that! For those of you who actually made it here, I applaud you. Here, have an imaginary red velvet cupcake, on me. ❤

Thanks for reading! New posts coming up soon, so click the link below and follow me on BlogLovin!

What’s your current skincare routine? Comment it down below or submit the link if you too have it written on your blog! I’d love to see!

4 thoughts on “My Skincare Routine

    1. It shouldn’t be too hard to find! I think I saw it on Jolse. But dear lord have you ever experienced shopping Kbeauty PHYSICALLY? Like actually in a store? ITS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE! Everything’s just right there at the shelves, crying till you put it in your little basket…

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  1. Enlist me into the anti-acne army because LORD sometimes you gotta bring out the big guns to get rid of it. Honestly I’ve never been a huge fan of tea tree oil ( that stank tho ) but I may have to reconsider my relationship with it…

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    1. LOL! I don’t mind the smell too much, it kind of gives me hope. If it’s too harsh straight up I suggest mixing it with some Aloe Vera gel. Smear that on a cotton pad and put it on an acne active area of your face and use it sort of like a mask. It’s so helpful!


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