Song of the week

I can’t believe I forgot to post the song of the week. Well, while the week is still here, prepare your ears for SOUNDPORN!

Can’t believe I took so long to discover this artist, I’ve heard about her, LOVED her collab with Park Bom when they covered All I want for Christmas is you, you guessed it, it’s Lee Hi!

IMO, YG makes some of the best artists ever. They’ve also gone ahead and created ‘The Hood‘ in Seoul, where apparently there is no such place, lol.

Anyhoo! Love this song, going to listen to every Lee Hi song and fall in love with them inevitably. HER VOICE IS SO UNIQUE AT LEAST IN K-POP OMG SLAY

Can I just talk about how beautiful the video is? ALL THE FLOWERS MAKIN ME GO CRAY! Also she’s so cuuuuuuute! She looks like she’s going to be a flower girl at a wedding once she’s done with the music video, which isn’t a bad idea at all. #productivity

I encourage you all to listen to this and be slain by Lee Hi with me, as friends. ❤

I also encourage you to follow me on BlogLovin! Keep up with all the new posts, and be a solid human being because following me on BlogLovin will make me feel better about myself, it’ll make me want to keep blogging and keep trying new things and keep making cupcakes and everyone loves cupcakes SO FOLLOW kbye~ ❤

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