Sheet Mask Review Megapost

Hello, hey, how you doin? I’m back. My exams are over I graduated (Indeed…I left this draft alone since October…) so hopefully I’m going to be a tad bit more regular with my posts aka not 1 every 7 years  Irregularity is unfortunately likely to continue :(. Got an exam in a month plus IELTs and college applications…

I thought I’d review some sheet masks because I’ve been using them, observing the effects and taking notes of them for a while. The way I’m going about it is comparing sheet masks of one ‘flavor’ or ‘flavor category’ from two brands and picking the one I like better.
The rating criteria:

Hydration: 10 would render my dehydrated skin needless of a second sheet mask. Nuff said.

Plumping: 10 would mean noticeable plumping of lines (smile lines or lines under the eyes) and bouncy skin! 5 or below would mean just bouncy skin.

Brightening: 10 would mean skin that’s bright enough to be a different shade from the skin that the sheet mask couldn’t touch/evened out and brightened my skin noticeably. Such a high rating would also mean the effects actually lasted! 5 or below would mean above average glow that fades quickly.

The overall rating is based on my feelings toward the product. How much I like it. A 5 would mean that I love it while a 1 would mean that I didn’t really care for it.

Also, another little note. When I tried some of these sheet masks, I was going through a brief period of over-exfoliation which lead to a lot of dehydration and sensitivity, so when I say anything about ‘post Epiduo sensitive skin’, I mean to talk about the sensitivity that made even water make my face sting (but then, my water’s like filled with iron and chlorine and has like a pH of 8.)

Let us commence.

TonyMoly Pureness 100 Snail Mask:

Very very slight stinging on my post Epiduo sensitive skin.

Lasted for 40 minutes even under the ceiling fan on full blast and the AC at 21 degrees Celsius.

Very subtle and undetectable fresh fragrance.


The sheet mask material was amazing! It’s apparently 100% unbleached cotton and they’ve added like these little specks that are apparently cotton seeds. Whether it’s all a buncha hooey or it’s actually legit is not what’s important, but the fact that the mask clung to my face even while I moved around and even stuck to the areas of my face with slight beardage on it is! The material’s slightly thicker than most thin sheet masks and I actually really enjoy that because I feel like they hold on to the essence better and stick on to my face and don’t let go like a gold digger with Kanye West in 2005 apparently.
What I’m trying to say is that it fit pretty well lol. Only lifts up near the top of my nose’s bridge and doesn’t stick on areas with any sort of facial hair.

It very amazingly hydrated my quite dehydrated skin at that moment and left it (temporarily) glowy, soft and plump! The hydration lasted till the next day which made me happier.


The essence, which the sheet mask is dripping in, sinks in a jif with very temporary stickiness. The essence is also somewhat syrupy but isn’t stringy or super sticky. The essence is also clear. Barely anything left in the packet once you take the sheet mask out. Also hurray for no alcohol in the essence!

Hydration: 9.25/10. Feels weird giving anything a full 10…

Plumping: 3.5/10. Slight bounce and fullness added to the skin.

Brightness: 0/10.

Overall: 4/5. Deducted the whole one point because it didn’t give me the bounce that snail sheet masks tend to give me and I don’t expect it to brighten so I’m not taking away any points for that.

Repurchase: for freakin sure

Etude House I Need You, Snail! Sheet Mask:

This is one of my total fave Etude sheet masks. A lot of the masks from the I Need You! line don’t last on your face at all and is really just a waste of time, at least the ones I’ve tried. This one however, with its almost lotiony type essence, lasts for a good 30 minutes on my face with no signs of the masks drying!

Fragrance is subtle, soft and somewhat powdery? Can’t describe it lol but it’s nice and inoffensive.


Hydration is stellar. The creamy sort of ‘lotion’ type essence really softens the mask material and helps it adhere to the contours of your face a whole lot better when you compare it to the masks from the same line with the lightweight clear type essences. No post sheet mask glow but also no alcohol! Yay for no alcohol in the essence! YAY!

The essence doesn’t dry matte and leaves behind a dewy finish that I love love love. This masks leaves my skin with its thirst quench and an added boost of super softness and bounciness. It even soothed some of my pimples ones! They felt less angry to the touch and even looked less red and furious.


Hydration: 9.5/10

Brightening: 0/10

Plumping: 5.5/10

Repurchase: already got some more huehuehue
Overall: 4.5/5

TonyMoly vs Etude – whose slime survives?

Etude House’s of course! It hydrates and softens better and adds more bounciness! It fits better too!


Etude House I Need You, Royal Jelly! Sheet mask

I love this mask enough to actually want to pursue repurchasing it. I feel like that’s a really strong statement about a sheet mask and I have no regrets making it. 
Like most of the masks from their ‘I Need You’ line, the fit is great!


The material is the same as the snail obvs. Even more so because of the almost lotion-y type essence that’s even richer than the Snail mask’s essence.

It stays on for around 40 minutes until it starts to peel off around the edges, however do take note that during the event in which I was wearing this sheet mask, the fan was on an almost hurricane like speed and the AC was on at 23 degrees Celsius. So I’m pretty sure it’ll stay on for a lot longer without a fan or AC on.

Click the image if you want to enlarge it and look at the ingredients list!

As for the fragrance, I associate it with sort of very strong honey and alcohol breath with a super subtle hint of flowers.The outcome? Super soft, bouncy and even slightly glowy skin! It really helped my skin out during a period of insane dehydration and helped give my skin life so I dedicate a powerful YASSSSSSS to this mask.
Hydration: 9.5/10

Plumping: 5/10

Brightening: 2/10

Repurchase: yaaaaasssssss
Overall: 4.5/5

Skinlite Royal Jelly Essence Mask

No. Just no.
This mask made my skin during its period of sensitivity and intense dehydration burn like HELL for 4 minutes straight and slowly subsiding to a halt after 8 minutes. 8 minutes!

I can’t even look at this without feeling rage…

Though the essence of the mask is formulated without alcohol, the mask dried out within 15-20 minutes, smelled strong and really unpleasant. A pungent, powdery floral scent with strong green, slightly herbal notes.
There was just way too many slits that made the mask a pain to fit on my face, though the material was okay. Thinner than Dermal mask material but has the same feel.
The underwhelming amount of hydration it gave my skin was not worth the torture it gave 2 of my senses…


It made my skin slightly plumper but really a nice dose of aloe gel can give me better results than this mask. Ugh.
Hydration: 3/10

Plumping: 0/10

Brightening: 0/10

Repurchase: If someone used mind control on me and commanded me to buy and use this mask, I am certain my conscious self would take over and scream “HELL NO” and then to back to being mentally controlled.
Overall: 0.1/5

Etude House VS. Skinlite – whose jelly is more royal?

I declare Skinlite royally jealous because Etude will win a billion times over. I don’t even have to explain why. It’s like giving me the choice of having to shove my face into a durian or having to eat a chocolate filled donut. I’m taking the donut dude why would you even question it. Now share it with me cause I’ll feel better if I log a half donut in food log instead of a full, I love you.


TonyMoly Pureness 100 Hyaluronic Sheet Mask
This mask was GREAT. Same material as the other Pureness 100 one obviously, and same fit that can easily be adjusted to hug yo face real nice and tight (but not like uncomfortably tight.)
The formula also has no alcohol! And while it did make my post epiduo sensitive and dehydrated skin tingle just a tiny bit which went away real quick.


Clear essence that’s almost identical to the Pureness 100 snail mask.

The mask lasted around 40 minutes under a fan on full blast and the AC on too so I bet it would’ve lasted at least 15 minutes longer.


The result? Beautifully bouncy and hydrated skin! It helped with the flakes I had around my mouth and lower cheeks and gave my then dry and dehydrated skin life! I even noticed a faint glow that probably didn’t last and I don’t even care! The hydration is all I want bb.

Hydration: 9.5/10

Plumping: 3/10

Brightening: 2.5/10

Repurchase: yasssss
Overall: 4/5

Etude House I Need You, Hyaluronic Acid! Mask

The fit was just as good as the other Etude masks and the essence is actually very similar to the snail mask’s essence! A milky sort of emulsion like essence that very awesomely has no alcohol in the essence.

0% irritation or tingling.


The essence smells really good. Like a beautiful oceany, slightly floral and refreshing. The fragrance is neither strong nor subtle, no complaints on my behalf, instead I have praise! I also can’t really detect the scent once the mask is on so either my nose needs to work on itself or the fragrance isn’t too strong.

The mask stayed on for a lovely 30 minutes, revealing soft, hydrated, slightly bouncy, dewy as the essence takes a while to sink in completely and with a sprinkle of short lived glow. Left my skin nice and dewy looking too!


Super duper thank you to Sarina Pasag of Paperfacesblog for including this amazing mask in your runner up package for your 25th birthday giveaway! Luv ya girl.

Hydration: 8/10

Plumping: 4/10

Brightening: 2/10

Repurchase: I have already hehe
Overall: 4/5
TonyMoly VS Etude House – whose Hyaluronic Acid Mask receives higher (hehe) points?

TonyMoly! Though honestly I’m fine with either I like them just as much but the TonyMoly hydrated, brightened and plumped just that teensy bit more so it wins this battle!


Etude House I Need You, Lemon! Sheet Mask
I’m going to make this one ultra quick.

Fit is okay. It isn’t as amazing as the fit that the creamy essence masks have purely because the lightweight clear essences don’t soften the material as much. Lifts up near the top of the bridge of my nose and around the inner corners of my eyes a little. These masks don’t provide the ‘one with your skin’ sorta feel the creamy essence masks do.

Clear essence that contains alcohol (boo), sinks in quickly when swatched on the back of my hand though it takes a tiny while to sink in after you’ve taken the mask off your face. Which was around 35 minutes after I put it on. And though it lasted a nice amount of time, it was a super meh mask.


Average post sheet mask bounciness, fake citrusy kinda scent. and subpar hydration with zero brightening. Maybe some sorta faint glow but I didn’t see nothin’.

Also, I had some areas of broken skin (pimples that popped on their own) which sort of tingled when I put the mask on.

I swipe left on dis mask goodbye and good riddance.

Hydration: 4/10

Brightening: 0/10

Plumping: 4/10

Repurchase: nope
Overall: 1/5

The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Sheet Mask
The scent of this essence is similar to that of the Etude lemon mask and has the same material and fit.


It has a crap ton of alcohol in the essence which lets the mask stay on for around 25 minutes TOPS. If you’re under a fan or have the AC on full blast, you’ll probably get less than 20.
I will say this though, I really like the TFS Real Nature packaging. The whole juices dripping from the fruit/vegetable/mainly fruit makes my hands go all grabby.
Without going into too much detail simply because I have not too many feelings about this mask except for disappointment. That too, not so much because I expected very little from this mask once I used masks that actually hydrate well.


Hydration is below average, plumping is as non-existent as Amanda Bynes’ sanity and the brightening is as stupid as Donald Trump. Nuff said.
Hydration: 3/10

Plumping: 0/10

Brightening: 1/10

Repurchase: I would rather stub my toe

Overall: 0.5/5

Etude House VS The Face Shop – who will end up the sour loser?

Definitely not Etude House! More hydrating by comparison and has less alcohol in the essence. Though no one really wins cuz I ain’t repurchasin any o’deez dummiez


Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Strawberry Sheet Mask
Gosh can I just talking about the Innisfree mask packaging? I mean, it goes so perfectly with their theme! I love the whole concept of the crushed ingredient in the wooden spoon and the whole ingredients on the sides of the packet. LOVE IT!


Fragrance is a mild fake strawberry like scent. Not too detectable once the mask is on.
While this mask managed to stay on for a whole 40 minutes, it hydrated pretty mildly and the essence took a little while to sink in. Which, once it did, left a shiny film behind. Which sort of felt like fake dewy. Like a raisin dipping itself in thin corn syrup and pretending that it’s full of moisture. Lies….


Essence is clear and there isn’t much left in the packet after you take the mask out.
The mask tore a little bit (on the area that connects the nose flap and the eye holes) while I tried to stretch the mask to perfectly fit my face once it was on. And sadly, the mask fit my face as perfect as Björk would fit in a football team. I’m not sure where that analogy went honestly…

Hydration: 4/10

Plumping: 2/10

Brightening: 2/10

Repurchase: no

Overall: 1/5

The Face Shop Real Nature Blueberry Sheet Mask
Ugh this mask is just the worst. I love the packaging, obviously. Like that’s literally what clouded my judgement and blurred out my inner voice of reason that said ‘no bitch don’t buy dat! Yo money ain’t fallin from no tree ya stupid piece of shit. No! No don’t! No…ugh you done bought it now didntcha? Well ya peed ya bed now lay in it.’


Yes my inner voice is super sassy and has no control over its profanity. It’s for a good cause. It was right. I had to lay in the bed I messed up sometime and when I did, I no longer got to sleep through the nightmares* of my bad shopping decisions…they consumed me with their horrors…
The mask is soaked in the classic TFS style alcohol rich essence that smells like blueberry and bubble gum. Fits nicely as usual.


Lasted for like 20-25 minutes before it started to come off my face.
Once it did, my skin was left with super meh hydration and like zero brightening and plumping.

There was a nice amount of extra essence left in the packet but I was 10000% done and didn’t want anything else to do with that mask so I didn’t bother.

* dramatization
Hydration: 3/10

Plumping: 0/10

Brightening: 0/10

Repurchase: I’d rather buy a high pH cleanser
Overall: 0.5/10 because of the packaging, sigh.

Innisfree VS The Face Shop? Who will be the berry best?

Innisfree! However that does not mean it’s a good mask in any way it’s just a lot more hydrating than the TFS one.


That about wraps it up for my little megapost! I hope you guys had a fun time learning my thoughts on these masks…well as fun as it can get. More mask review megaposts coming up! I have a Taiwanese masks only edition coming up next followed by another Korean mask review megapost…hopefully hehe.

Have you used a sheet mask recently? Which one? Ooh you gotta tell me all about it in the comments! (pretending I have readers)

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