Hey AB pals! Sorry for my lack of posts, but I’m currently at Singapore constantly exploding at the Innisfree and Etude House stores, and will soon be heading to KL. Haul post, reviews and rants to come! 💖

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I’m not a 100% sure why I’m entering giveaways I probably won’t win, but I guess you won’t know till you try! Love your content, Ashley! I’m actually coming to Singapore day after tomorrow, let’s shop together! Also please pick me super pretty please with salicylic acid and tea tree oil on top! ❤

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Song of the week

Sorry I haven’t written my skincare routine post yet! Been busy doing things (and also procrastinating…), but for now, song of the week – Radio by Lana Del Rey! One of my most favorite Lana Del Rey songs ever, and it’s one of the lesser known ones I think. Give it a listen!

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Song of the week

Still working on my skincare routine post (not that any of my 819 million readers actually care…) so please wait a while longer! But I wanted to post a little something.  Here it is, the song of the week! Happiness by Red Velvet! Currently my only favorite Red Velvet song, it’s their debut song too […]

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Okay so I’ve moved on to WordPress from Blogger and this is so much better! The designs are nicer and everything seems very user friendly. Can’t wait to start blogging!

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