Review: The Face Shop Real Nature Mung Bean sheet mask

Hey everyone! I’m here with a tiny little review of The Face Shop’s Real Nature Mung Bean sheet mask. I’m going to start off by saying I’m usually very skeptical when it comes to sheet masks. I buy different varieties and ‘flavors’, but I don’t really expect anything more than hydration. This is usually the case with the cheaper sheet masks aka not the hydrogel ones because they tend to deliver the brightening/whatever effect they claim to give. Okay so they probably won’t deliver as much if it claims to anti-wrinkle, since it takes a while for the skin to wrinkle, so you can’t really expect them to turn back time. But that really does depend on the product, its ingredients and their concentration.

A sheet mask might say it has pearl powder in it, but a $1 sheet mask won’t really have enough to brighten your complexion in the long run. So you’ve gotta look at the ingredients and see how they’re listed, if it’s one of the first few ingredients, it’s got high chances of delivering some pearl realness, but then a higher concentration might cause the product to be more expensive because they’re not crushing up pearl necklaces from Forever 21 here, they’re using real pearls.

Let us move on to the matter at hand, poor guy’s been feeling neglected because we’ve only been talking about pearls and not mung beans. Let’s talk about mung beans!

IMG_6496Now the packaging says it’s a clarifying sheet mask that contains mung bean extract which is effective in purifying pores. I don’t really know how it can purify my pores, and what ‘pure’ pores look like compared to ‘impure’ or not as ‘pure pores. But I think they might be trying to say that it helps to shrink pores and tighten them, but thankfully I don’t have pores in need of tightening and/or shrinking.. yet. But it did hydrate my skin! That’s all I wanted from it. It has a nice, fresh fragrance that wasn’t too strong so that’s a plus. The lady at the Face Shop store did say this is a favorite amongst their customers who have oily skin, so if you have oily skin, give this a try!

In my opinion, there’s not much that can go wrong with a sheet mask if it just hydrates and is cheap, unless there’s an ingredient in there that your skin is allergic too and it burns and itches and makes you regret all your life’s decisions.

Oh also, the big ol’ drop symbol on the top right of the packaging means hydration and the tiny drop that has escaped the dark green circle probably signifies the cleaning of gunk from your pores. Oh hey! Maybe that’s what they meant by purifying then! In that case, it failed to work its apparent purifying magic on me. 😦


As for the ingredients, nothing too crazy except for the denatured alcohol. I took the list to CosDNA and this is what came up.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 11.44.04 PM

I was pleased with the fact that the mung bean extract was the third ingredient on the list, which means that there’s a higher proportion of it in the sheet mask’s essence, water having the largest proportion. Think of it like fractions. Say the denominator being the total amount of ingredients in the product, is 100. So water might be 40/100, and then glycerin might be 20/100, and the mung bean extract might be 15/100. So if we combine all of those together, we get 75/100, meaning that the three ingredients make up 75% of the total amount of ingredients in the product. I hope my example wasn’t too craycray for you. I just wanted to show off my fraction game, which is strong, compared to the rest of my math game which is WEAK.

Also if you’re worried about parabens, don’t be. There’s not enough in it to do any harm, so yay!

All in all, it’s an above average product! Didn’t make my skin K-smooth, but it did make it a little smoother and a lot more hydrated! That’s all I can ask for. So I give this product a 4 out of 5. It has some nice ingredients like glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, rumex crispus extract which actually did help me out when my skin felt itchy and irritated, and of course the mung bean extract. A point taken away for not changing my life and bringing world peace.

Thanks for reading! More posts are in order! Trying to make research heavy posts and put out some good content. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Review: The Face Shop Real Nature Mung Bean sheet mask

    1. Hehe! Jude from Fifty Shades of Snail even said it helped calm a breakout of hers! YMMV though, but TFS usually makes pretty good sheet masks which at least hydrate and don’t irritate, in my experience of course. Check out Benton’s Snail Bee High Content sheet masks, they have rave reviews. 😀


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