KL and Singapore haul!

I want to start this post off by saying that this was my first AB haul ever and I hadn’t read Deborah’s post that leads you to a life of efficiency so I didn’t really beauty haul too responsibly… but still #onlyafewregrets

Around March, I think, I had first gotten into K-Pop, and it took me by storm. And then I’d started getting into K-Beauty, and since then I haven’t looked back! K-Beauty is a vast world of awesomeness and bajillion step routines that make my heart sing with glee! I didn’t have as much information as I should’ve had while I bought these items, but honestly I’m loving 95% of the things I’ve bought so again #onlyafewregrets

Moving on to the haul! We, as in me, my parents and sister, went to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore during summer vacay, our first stop being Singapore. Okay so I’m going to take a little second here to talk about how shopping in Singapore is SO MUCH FUN! All you have to do is enter the underpass, which is sort of like an underground tunnel that connects a lot of malls together, and then you don’t ever have to go out again! All the places you want to go to in Orchard Road, well most places for shopping and eating at least, are connected! The underpass might may lead to non-mall things but I don’t care for such abominations.

I’ll start with what I bought from Etude House, which is a lot. #blessed


I got a 10 pack of the I Need You! Snail sheet masks, 10 of the I Need You! Pearl sheet masks and 20 of the Collagen Eye Patches. They were on like a buy 10 but pay for less than 10 kinda offer, need I say more? These masks are great for hydration, and the little additives like pearl powder and snail secretion filtrate add a little boost to that hydration and to make that hydration feel good about itself. Sheet masks have feelings too. They don’t always just want to hydrate, they wanna accessorize just like we do!

I also got the Blending Sleeping Cream in Rosehip for my momma because the packaging is beyond cute and also because I am forcing her into taking better care of her skin. I also got her the Etude House Collagen Moistfull Sleeping Pack. I know, I know, I’m #songoals (Also, if you didn’t know, pack is asian talk for mask, hehe!)

I picked up the Aloe Moistfull 92% Aloe Vera gel because aloe is bae. It does wonders to calm down new pimples, plus I have some kind of allergy which makes my skin itchy and hot and I get hives on my face and it’s just sad and annoying. I went to a dermatologist who made me do a gazillion tests and said nothing, literally nothing, so I went to a doctor in KL, who also said nothing. Well the second doctor didn’t really say nothing, he said nothing HELPFUL. He told me that this allergy or allergies, God knows, may arise from a billion causes and trying to locate that reason will be tedious, expensive and a waste. So apparently I have to be on antihistamines till said allergy or allergies decide to pack up and move out, which is just great. When I’m not on the antihistamines, my skin is very irritated, much like my very own self, and a single touch often triggers a bout of SEVERE itchiness, not even kidding. It feels like there are a thousand ants crawling all over my body, and it’s really annoying and sometimes it keeps me awake at night if I forget to have the antihistamines because my body touching the bed makes it itch like cray. #pray4me

So anyway, Aloe is great for this kinda stuff! It really calms itchy skin, face or body, and soothes it. So naturally it’s great for bug bites too! I’ll do a review on this miraculous multi purpose product soon!

I also got the 6-way nail buffer which is the BEST way to up your nail game.

This was all from Singapore, and if you spend 100SGD there,


freebies! The best thing about Korean skincare brands are all the freebies you get! This, from what I’ve read, is nowhere near how much you get if you shopped in Korea, but it’s still a lot!

I got this absolutely cute pouch which I gave to my sister because I’m #siblinggoals, I also gave her the Real Art Cleansing Oil Moisture because I didn’t know I needed cleansing oil, the Lip & Eye remover and the Dream On loose powder which came in the shade #03 Apricot Beige. This lovely gift also came with the I Need You! sheet masks in Mugwort and Tea Tree. The Dust Cut set came in real handy, which had the Dust Cut Micro Foam cleanser, the Dust Cut mist and the Finish Cream. Loved the cleanser which we had exhausted on the trip, and the mist is the greatest ever, yet to try out the finish cream!

It also came with the Wonder Pore Special Wow kit! I added the exclamation mark because the name deserves it. Which comes with the Wonder Pore Freshner, Balancing Soap and Pore Corrector. The strawberry ice cream fan actually comes in handy when I need my essences to dry! Hurray usefulness!

Now, time for the cutest freebie in existence.

Are you ready for this? Is your body ready?

Well, if you’re sure.



I apologize for the shouting, I just have a lot of feelings, and a lot of love for cute things, and sometimes, when things are this cute, my brain can’t handle it. I’M HUMAN.

My heart broke into a million pieces when I uncupcaked these hand towels, and I’m still having a hard time coping. But the towels are really handy! They’re microfiber… I think.


So obviously, I went #HAMMMM on the Etude House store at the Pavilion Mall aka home.


I got the 500ml size Wonder Pore Freshner which came with 50 super special cotton pads, and thankfully they didn’t have another one of them in stock, or else I’d literally have a liter of toner. A LITER. So instead, I picked up the Collagen Moistfull essence, which I got for my momma but she’s neglecting it, which makes me want to cut off family ties with her, but instead, I’m trying the product out, and if it doesn’t make me as oily as Saudi Arabia, I’ll do the essence justice and bring it to a better home where it will be loved and cherished. I got the Every Month foam cleansers in Tea Tree and Lemon & Garlic. They’re thankfully pretty gentle and non-stripping of your face’s oils and dignity. Well, the Lemon & Garlic one at least, I’ve yet to try the Tea Tree.

Never enough sheet masks. Never.
Never enough sheet masks. Never.

I got 5 of the I Need You! Tea tree, 5 of the I Need You! Rice and 10 of the I Need You! Vita Complex sheet masks. Which means I added 20 more to my stash, but paid for just 10! SALES ARE GODSENDS.


I also got 4 of the Darling Snail Hydrogel masks, 2 of the I Need You! Pomegranate sheet masks, 2 of the AC Clinic Intense sheet masks, 2 sheets of the Pink Powder Spot patches, 2 of the Skin Note! Brightening Hydrogels and 2 of the Bio Jelly Coconut Gel Mask in Brightening. Loving hydrogel (and coconut gel) masks, they’re somewhat complicated to put on, but fit way better than sheet masks and you don’t have the risk of all that hydration goodness evaporating away.


From Selectiv by Sasa, I got the My Beauty Diary Snail Facial Hydrating Mask which is a two step mask with a sheet mask and a cream you use afterwards. I also got the Arbutin Whitening masks and the Dark Circle Intensive Care Eye masks. I also got some TRÉS cute ribbons and some cream containers from Daiso.

If you’re not tired and want to keep going, let’s move on to The Face Shop!

Masks galore!
Masks galore part 2!

I got the Real Nature Sheet masks in Lemon, Green Tea, Blueberry, Rice, Mung Bean and Kelp in amounts I honestly don’t remember. I also got the Vita C Hydrogel mask which is cheaper than most hydrogel masks so yayayayayayay! I also got the Sseal Escargot Hydrogel masks. Never forget the snails, always include the snails. I also got the Clean Face Clear Away Spot which now I cannot live without, and samples which I indirectly told the lady to give me. #shameless

TFS Singapore was also having a deal on sheet masks similar to that of Etude House Singapore, and since my dad is a member of TFS Kuala Lumpur, I got to enjoy the buy 1 free 1 deal on sheet masks for members only! It’s an amazing way to make the members feel like they’re better than the non-members, and it’s true, I did. I felt like a king, having to pay for half of what I bought. Good times. Oh and also, this deal’s going on for all of 2015 so those of you in KL, buy enough to get the bill to RM300, get your membership, and empty their sheet mask stock while you can! I did! It felt great!

They also gave me two of the Real Nature Acai Berry sheet masks for free! Up your freebie game TFS Singapore, and you too TFS Kuala Lumpur. You’re disappointing your Korean roots, shame on you!

Innisfree time, which is my favorite time.


I bought one product and got all the freebies. Freeebieeeees
I bought one product and got all the freebies. Freeebieeeees!

Both of the times I went to the Innisfree store, I had spent my money on other stuff because TFS, Etude House and other stores are all on the way to the store, so I literally never had enough money to buy all that I wanted to…

But I’m satisfied with the things I got to buy, very satisfied, so satisfied it sometimes calms the raging sadness caused by the regret in my heart originating from the fact that I didn’t realize there was a Missha store so close to where I stayed in Singapore and I DIDN’T GET THE TREATMENT ESSENCE. *sobs*

I got the Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask which is amazeballs, and the It’s Real Squeeze sheet masks in Bija, Lime and Strawberry. Fun story, when I bought the clay mask, I also became an Innisfree Singapore member, and all new members get that super nifty green gift package (including sample sizes of the Orchid Enriched Cream, Super Volcanic Clay Mask and Green Tea Seed serum) pictured above, FREEBIESSSSSSS YASSSSSSSS

I also spent enough to get the Jeju Volcanic Pore Solution kit, which includes the Jeju Volcanic Pore toner, lotion and essence.

I’m almost done, I promise!

A happy family.
A happy family.

I had RM400 ($100+ EEP) worth of Parkson gift vouchers which my Father generously graced me with, all of which I efficiently blew at the Laneige counter. #onlyafewregrets

I got the Water Sleeping Pack, Brightening Sparkling Water Capsule Mist, Sparkling Water Pop Essence, Blackhead Melting Gel, Brightening Sparkling Water Peeling Mask and got the White Plus trial kit. I only paid RM8 (barely above $2) for all that I bought! I would like to thank my Father for this amazing deed that he has done, thank you Father, for helping me gain access to more K-Beauty, I thank you from the bottom of my pores.


I also repurchased the Lush Seanik Solid Shampoo bar, which is the shampoo that angels use too. It’s organic, sulfate and other meanie things free! It also gives you lovely voluminous hair if you have a lot of it, but if you’re like me and have a few strands hanging desperately for life on your scalp, it makes it look less like sadness. That’s all I can say. I also got the Popcorn lip scrub which is organic to the point of edibility, which is what I look for in a lip scrub. Well, not necessarily, but it’s a fun plus and does it’s job!


I also got the Blueberry and Vineyard Peach shower gels from The Body Shop, along with the Moringa, Strawberry and Mango hand creams. You guessed it, they were on sale. I also got the Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow hand cream which smells green, floral and a little spicy, aka AMAZING.


I also got Bad Lab’s Like A Boss sculpting clay, samples of the TonyMoly Galactomyces 94.5% first essence, some more of the Etude House spot patches and a spray bottle from Muji. This was my first time at Muji, and though I wanted to buy EVERYTHING BECAUSE IT WAS SO COOL, I couldn’t because it was the last day and I was broke af.

All in all, I’m happy with all that I bought, and am getting my daily dose of skincaretainment. I encourage you all to read this post by Fanserviced-b who is also #bloggoals. YOU SLAY ME TRACY! SLAYYYYYY (Please be my friend so that we can all sheet mask together one day.)

That’s all for my haul! Well actually I got some Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers but I decided to leave that… out. But I decided against it because I literally typed out what I thought and don’t want to hit backspace on my mental vomit. #whatisselfcontrol

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What’s your most recent haul? Tell me about it in the comments below! I bet no one will because I have no readers….. #babybloggerproblems

2 thoughts on “KL and Singapore haul!

  1. MUUUJIIIII, DUST CUT MINI SEEEEEEEET. Ugh, this is everything I want. Your haul is #amazeballs, I’m seven shades of jelly right now.

    My haul?! Oh man. I spent a lot of money in the last few weeks shopping in the US, and while it made me hurt to part with my monies, I had to remind myself that even though it felt like I was spending recklessly, it was a planned spend. So it’s totally okay. If you’ve planned to haul hard, then I still see that as responsible. When you can shop with no regrets then you’re being true to your wallet. As Kevin Hart says, #stayinyourfinanciallane.

    You just reminded me to go to Body Shop!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Body Shop is bae! I actually planned these purchases tho, so I think maybe it’s responsible? Please let’s shop together I feel like we’ll paint the town red, or Marsala since its 2015. 2017! When I go to college! ALSO MUJI YASSSS have you ever been to the store?


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